Competitive Edge

Why FanSport?

Some of the most well-known companies on the DFS-market today offer solutions that are not user or mobile friendly. There is a threshold to start playing, which means that we see a limitation in reaching the full market potential for these companies. Our goal is to innovate the DFS marketplace and be the first fully truly user-friendly mobile DFS- solution, making it easier and more fun to play. We want to attract casual sports fans and bring new dimensions to the game.



DFS is a multi Billion dollar market and growing every quarter.

The fantasy Sports Market is growing rapidly and is expected to grow by at least 55 % annually, reaching a market where players are expected to spend more than $20 Billion in 2020. In the USA alone $2 Billion was spent on DFS in 2015 by end-consumers and it is growing rapidly. The average player spent around $465 on DFS in 2015. The European market has just started, but is expected to be almost 27 % of the total market in 2020. Investors have started to realize the potential and more than $1 Billion was invested in DFS-companies during 2015.


Value Proposition

We are in the right place at the right time!

Sports Betting

Sports betting is thriving, but there has been very little innovation when it comes to softer, complementary products in the market.


We will not only address the traditional sports market, but also the rapidly growing eSports market.


Our team has an incredible chemistry. That's something that you will see in the finished product.


Our players will want to play on our platform because of the simplicity.

Second Screen

DFS offers a true Second Screen experience for all sports fans.


All of our user transactions are safe and secure

The Fansport team

Joe McNaull

CEO & Founder

Torbjörn Fjeldgård

COO & Founder

Roger Kagstedt


Mikael Björn


Mats Svensson


Aivo Adamson

Senior Advisor

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